The EU Transparency Register provides information about the lobby expenses of organisations that engage in lobbying activities in Brussels. We used this data to enrich the information from the EU consultation about the 2030 Framework on climate and energy policy, as you can see in the video below.
By viewing the current status of the graph and selecting a filter “lobby expense”, you can find out who are the organisations with the largest lobby budgets and see which stances they have on the respective climate and energy targets and policies. For example you can find that companies like Shell, Total and GE and organisations such as EUROGAS, ACEA and BusinessEurope have the biggest lobby budgets by far. Please note that all statements are based on the current status of the crowdsourcing initiative. As more people help us to complete the dataset, the numbers will change.

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You can also find recent news and initiatives about lobbying in Brussels at LobbyControl and Corporate Europe Observatory or check out more graphs and charts about lobbying at (

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