Sustainable finance and citizens – Plenary Session @ FINEXUS Conference

Time and Venue: Wed, 17 Jan 2018, 14:30 – 16:00. Aula KOL-G-201, Univ. of Zurich Go to: RegistrationFull conference program

Summary. Sustainable finance cannot abstract away from the concept of citizens because the social dimension is key. This session examines the role of civic society in sustainable finance and the implications of sustainable finance for society, covering the following topics. First, the findings of recent surveys and experiments shed light on the drivers and barriers for citizens to engage in savings and investments associated with sustainability objectives. Second, the structure of the social network of actors investing in sustainable finance and in particular in impact investing helps understanding how information flows in this community. Third, the network of lobbying organizations turns out to be a crucial aspect for understanding the process of EU consultations in the policy areas of finance and climate. Forth, understanding citizens’ perception towards sustainable finance benefits a great deal from the analysis of social media and polarization of opinions in online communities. Finally, the global monetary system is changing and the future scenarios affect how we think of sustainable finance already today. Panelclick here for speaker biographies:

Giulia Porino (Finance Watch) Moderator
Luisa De Amicis (Plus Value) Speaker
Armin Haas (IASS Potsdam) Speaker
Hannah Kitcher (Young Foundation) Speaker
Borut Sluban (University of Zurich) Speaker
Hamza Zeytinoglu (Bosphorus University) Speaker

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