Crowdsourcing: EU 2030 Energy Climate Framework


Help us to complete the Policy Network Map of the EU 2030 Energy Climate Framework. To view the current progress on this initiative, click here.


In line with the “better regulation” agenda, EU citizens and stakeholders can participate to the process of designing the EU policies by contributing their feedback in the open consultations. This presents a problem as getting involved can be time-consuming and many civil society organisations working in this area have only limited resources that they have to spread widely across different consultation activities.
However, the participation is often limited to advocacy groups representing specific interests. In order to improve the transparency and the balance of the policy design process we build the so-called Policy Network Maps. Each map illustrates which actors support or oppose which policy objective and provides information on the interests at stake in the policy discussion.


In this campaign, we focus on the 2030 Framework for Climate and Energy Policy, which was launched in 2013 and will implemented in the coming years. The graph below shows the current status of the responses analysed so far. Completing the map depends on your help. You can invite more people to take part and check again for new results tomorrow. Help us reach 100% to get the picture right! Click here to contribute! You can also watch the video at the bottom of this page for an example of how you can use the interactive graph below and explore the results of our crowdsourcing initiative.


Policy map legend

  • Company Company OR Organization Organization  SUPPORTs Policy Issue  Policy
  • Company Company OR Organization Organization  OPPOSEs Policy Issue  Policy




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