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Protected: Science-based approaches to price climate risk in financial investments is an initiative that was initiated under the EU projects SIMPOL and DOLFINS. This is a password-protected post where you find links to dowloadable material about climate-related financial risk.   Slides by S. Battiston “Science-based...
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TEST – DASHBOARD climate risk

TESTING FINEXUS TOOLKIT This blog post contains several interactive dashboards to explore the exposure of financial institutions to climate risk. Because investment fund and pensions funds turn out be the most exposed these dashboard of interest not only to scholars...
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Protected: Portfolio compositions and exposures to carbon-intensive sectors of German financial institutions

In light of the Paris Agreement, an international agreement to keeping climate change “well below 2°C temperature increase”, more and more investors started to be concerned about their exposure to carbon-intensive or climate-sensitive sectors of the economy and/or...
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