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Mapping the Global Credit Default Swap Network

Credit default swaps (CDS) are derivative contracts which were at the center stage of the global financial crisis: their role in amplifying and transferring distress is still debated. These contracts entail a transfer of risk (insurance) from a protection buyer (say...
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The real price of austerity

Until recently, post-crisis discourse and policy on the economy has emphasised the problem of growing national debt. As the then British Prime Minister, David Cameron, said in a speech in January 2015: “When you look at the children you love, do you want to land...
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How Systemic Risk Measures (may) save tax-payers money

One euro. It is the symbolic amount paid by Santander to rescue Banco Popular, its historical spanish rival bank, and it is the first result of the supervision by the Single Resolution Board, the authority created two years ago for dealing with failing, or likely to...
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