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A Climate Solution Circle?

The article “What’s holding back environmental sustainability?” by Michael Howes (Griffith University) makes a very valid point. I report the key passages below. “What’s going wrong with sustainability initiatives? Three types of failure are recurring and they...
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Case Study Treviso: Urban resilience through innovative impact investment models

What happens when financial systems are adapted to serve society at the local level? The Dolfins project has had the opportunity to explore this question through the work of its partner, PlusValue, who have taken the standard model of Public-Private Partnership (PPP)...
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[Un]expect the Expected

Today, as part of a series of risk management seminars held by the European Stability Mechanism (ESM), European project Dolfins coordinator Stefano Battiston from UZH and partners Guido Calderelli from IMT Lucca and Filippo Addarii from PlusValue will be speaking on...
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