The SIMPOL Project and Platform is an international initiative to map out networks of influence in the policy arenas of finance and climate. Network maps are an effective way to illustrate the role of the various socio-economic actors involved in shaping the policy making process and the relations among them. The goal is to contribute to a better understanding of how disproportions in the representation of interests can be mitigated in order to promote financial and environmental sustainability, economic inclusion and political stability of the EU. This work requires the collective effort of many people in order to gather and verify data. We aim to engage NGOs and citizens by launching periodical campaigns on policy topics of the moment.

We are a team of researchers from academic institutions and NGOs motivated by the goals of the SIMPOL Project. The table below lists the partner organizations of the SIMPOL Project.



Institution Country
University of Zurich Switzerland
IMT Alti Studi Lucca Italy
Global Climate Forum Germany
Université Paris I Panthéon-Sorbonne France
Institute Jozef Stefan, Ljubljana Slovenija
London Institute for Mathematical Sciences UK



The SIMPOL Project is currently supported by the European grants SIMPOL no. 610704 and DOLFINS no. 640772 in the Global Systems Science area of the FET program. The project started with the support of the European grant with the same name (SIMPOL) and it will continue with future funding.