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A Climate Solution Circle?

Follow Stefano Battiston @zbattiz      Tweet #ThreeShadesOfGreen The article “What’s holding back environmental sustainability?” by Michael Howes (Griffith University) makes a very valid point. I report the key passages below. “What’s going wrong with... read more

Does it pay to be green ?

Green bonds issuers pay a higher premium compared to brown bond issuers at the same level of risk, ­­a new study by Paris School of Economics shows (Karpf and Mandel 2017). This difference in premia suggests there may still be a reluctance of institutional investors... read more

Storyline – Climate Stress Test

Storyline – Climate stress-test     1) In Dec 2015 FSB launched the Task Force on climate-related disclosure Task force on climate disclosure launches its own website: — The FSB (@FinStbBoard) January... read more