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How shocks on the real economy impact the European banking sector?

In the first figure you can select the exogenous relative shock applied to a selection of country-sectors (individually), market volatility of the surviving assets, and the interbank recovery rate. The figure will be automatically updated to show what is the relative...
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Climate stress-test visualization

This blog contains several interactive dashboards allowing to explore the exposure of market players to climate-sensitive sectors. The following dashboard is based on climate stress-test paper (Battiston ea. 2017 Climate stress-test, Nature Climate Change). It shows...
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2nd FINEXUS Conference on Financial Networks and Sustainability

      2nd FINEXUS Conference on Financial Networks and Sustainability Closing the Gaps Between Finance and Sustainability Quick navigation: Registration – Program – Media & Press Registration Date & Venue: 17,18,19 January 2018,...
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A long way down Lombard street, from Finance to Economic Growth

Overend, Gurney & Company was a wholesale discount bank whose head offices were located at 65 Lombard Street, London. It is mostly known for its collapse, occurred in 1866, and the financial crisis it generated in the UK. This single event was the inspiration of a...
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GSS in H2020 and Beyond: Event in Brussels, 11-12 Dec 2017

Register for the event We would like to invite you to the lunch-to-lunch workshop “GSS in H2020 and beyond” that will take place on December 11th and 12th 2017, hosted by the EC in Brussels. The workshop is organized by the consortia of the research...
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