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Environmental Sustainability

A Climate Solution Circle?

The article “What’s holding back environmental sustainability?” by Michael Howes (Griffith University) makes a very valid point. I report the key passages below. “What’s going wrong with sustainability initiatives? Three types of failure are recurring and they...
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Case Study Treviso: Urban resilience through innovative impact investment models

What happens when financial systems are adapted to serve society at the local level? The Dolfins project has had the opportunity to explore this question through the work of its partner, PlusValue, who have taken the standard model of Public-Private Partnership (PPP)...
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[Un]expect the Expected

Today, as part of a series of risk management seminars held by the European Stability Mechanism (ESM), European project Dolfins coordinator Stefano Battiston from UZH and partners Guido Calderelli from IMT Lucca and Filippo Addarii from PlusValue will be speaking on...
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Impact Investing needs a new leader in Europe

If Europe wishes to further encourage the growth of impact investment as a model for supporting social innovation, then now is the time to understand how best to take the next steps. With the recent triggering of Article 50 by the UK and the less fractious result of...
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Three Shades of Green? A survey to build a Policy Network Map around COP23 stakeholders

The Paris agreements reached in COP21 have set the ambitious target to limit to global warming within 1.5 degrees above pre-industrial levels. This goal requires a deep transformation in key industry sectors such as energy, transportation, manufacturing and...
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Policy and finance related data visualizations

Communicating research results is essential for scientific visibility. In this post we plan to collect and update over time examples of good practice in visualizing scientific findings or data relevant for the scope of SIMPOL Project. Please note, text descriptions of...
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Second Conference on Network Models and Stress Testing for Financial Stability

CALL FOR PAPERS for the Second Conference on Network Models and stress testing for financial stability Banco de México, the University of Zurich, the Bank of Canada and the Journal of Financial Stability continue with the series of biennial conferences addressing...
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Does it pay to be green ?

Green bonds issuers pay a higher premium compared to brown bond issuers at the same level of risk, ­­a new study by Paris School of Economics shows (Karpf and Mandel 2017). This difference in premia suggests there may still be a reluctance of institutional investors...
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