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Find out more about the lobby expenses of organizations and their interests in 2030 climate policy

The EU Transparency Register provides information about the lobby expenses of organisations that engage in lobbying activities in Brussels. We used this data to enrich the information from the EU consultation about the 2030 Framework on climate and energy policy, as...
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Who is against binding energy efficiency targets?

Energy efficiency is often regarded as the cheapest and cleanest fuel. But still, the 2030 energy efficiency target was one of the most highly debated policy issues in the 2030 process, as you can see in the video below. Find out who supported or opposed binding...
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New Vacancy at the FINEXUS Center: Project and Communications Manager

The FINEXUS Center for Financial Networks and Sustainability ( at the Department of Banking and Finance of the University of Zurich is looking for a Project and Communications Manager to undertake the following main tasks: Supporting the directorate...
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COP22 Side Event: Disentangling the Climate-Finance Nexus

COP22 Marrakesh Side Event “Disentangling the Climate-Finance Nexus: methods for 2°C alignment and climate stress-tests for institutional investors and development banks.” Time: 09:00-10:30, Thursday Nov 10th 2016, Theme Energy Venue: COP22  Green Zone, Room Souss...
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Crowdsourcing Campaign on Twitter #PolicyNetworkMaps

What is the scientific or empirical evidence that certain policy interventions correctly address outstanding policy issues? Who are the actors supporting them and why? Post a Twitter structured message* and it will become a new link in the PolicyNetworkMap! Build your...
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Postcard from Planet Financial Networks

Exciting new questions — why complexity increases the uncertainty on systemic risk and what is financial contagion, exactly? — and long-standing open questions — why financial markets can become unstable when they grow bigger, similar to ecological systems? What is the exposure of the financial system to climate-policy shocks? Browse through the latest results on financial networks.

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The Price of Complexity in Financial Networks

Financial complexity is assumed help hedging risk more effectively. But complexity can also be a source of collective moral hazard. While practitioners have an intuition of why complexity may be a problem, our new research provides a simple mathematical explanation.

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Climate Stress Test

The dashboards below are interactive and show preliminary results from our paper on climate stress-testing: S. Battiston, A.Mandel, I. Monasterolo, F. Schuetze & G. Visentin “A Climate stress-test of the EU financial...
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Systemic risk is responsible for large social costs (5% of GDP in assistance to the financial sector, ECB estimates 2015). Correctly assessing systemic risk and identifying banks that are vulnerable and have at the same time a large impact on the economy is crucial to...
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