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Crowdsourcing Campaign on Twitter #PolicyNetworkMaps

What is the scientific or empirical evidence that certain policy interventions correctly address outstanding policy issues? Who are the actors supporting them and why? Post a Twitter structured message* and it will become a new link in the PolicyNetworkMap! Build your...
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Postcard from Planet Financial Networks

Exciting new questions — why complexity increases the uncertainty on systemic risk and what is financial contagion, exactly? — and long-standing open questions — why financial markets can become unstable when they grow bigger, similar to ecological systems? What is the exposure of the financial system to climate-policy shocks? Browse through the latest results on financial networks.

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The Price of Complexity in Financial Networks

Financial complexity is assumed help hedging risk more effectively. But complexity can also be a source of collective moral hazard. While practitioners have an intuition of why complexity may be a problem, our new research provides a simple mathematical explanation.

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Climate Stress Test

The dashboards below are interactive and show preliminary results from our paper on climate stress-testing: S. Battiston, A.Mandel, I. Monasterolo, F. Schuetze & G. Visentin “A Climate stress-test of the EU financial...
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Systemic risk is responsible for large social costs (5% of GDP in assistance to the financial sector, ECB estimates 2015). Correctly assessing systemic risk and identifying banks that are vulnerable and have at the same time a large impact on the economy is crucial to...
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