Lobby Profile Explorer


We implemented the Lobby Profile Explorer, an interactive web application that supports exploration of 565 lobby organizations, which we captured in our study [1]. The exploration tool presents a similarity network of the lobby organizations that responded to 21 public consultations of the European Commission in the area of Banking and Finance, between June 2014 and November 2017. The implemented visualization has a variety of features, supporting in-depth exploration of the lobby network and pairwise comparison of the lobby profiles. The Lobby Profile Explorer is further down the page or here.

The similarity network is constructed from the responses to public consultations in terms of pairwise cosine similarities between the lobby organizations. The Lobby Profile Explorer supports selection of a range of similarity links to display in the network. Furthermore, the scope of the network, i.e., lobby organizations, can be refined by selecting specific consultations or individual topic communities with shared predominant interests, i.e., common consultations.

In addition to the zoom and pan features, the visualization allows to explore and compare
specific lobby organization responses. By hovering over or clicking on a lobby node,
a panel with the organization information and answers to specific questions is displayed.
While the panel is open, a selection (click) of another lobby node in the network will
show a comparison of the answers the two organizations provided and highlight the matches.

[1] Sluban, B., Mikac, M., Kralj Novak, P., Battiston, S., Mozetič, I.: Profiling the EU Lobby Organizations in Banking and Finance, Applied Network Science, 2018, under review